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My name is Paul Manhwin.
Since 2009, I have seen so many money making websites being launched every month. With the time passing by, most of them have disappeared leaving the members by the roadside.

Like me, you’ve probably joined some of them before. I also saw the internet as an opportunity to make money; joined any flashy program that came on my way and spent over 100 dollars on many of them, hoping that the dough will flow into my bank account the following month. Instead of making money, I ended up losing it rather.

Like you, I have gone through rejection, humiliation and discouragement, not knowing the genuine sites.
Like you, I have asked myself several times: why me? Why am i falling upon the wrong programs? What is wrong with my choices? Where are the real sites to make money online?

Within my heart, i felt constantly the pain of experiencing failure all the time. But, I didn’t give up.
I knew in my heart that, somehow, i could find a genuine program to build my own internet business around it and earn real money online to improve my condition of living and realize my dreams.

So, I resolved within my heart to continue the search till I find the genuine and best online money making sites. It wasn’t easy for me.

Fortunately, as time goes on, by carefully searching the net and diligently following and analysing what Top Earners in the Internet Business World are doing, i started seeing the big picture.
It wasn’t easy for me to find my best online earning sites.
These are websites that are still running today, with hundreds of thousands often millions of affiliates from all over the world making thousands of dollars monthly.

Having gone through the hardship of losing money and my precious time from one program to the other and finally finding the ones that work, i made-up my mind to focus on them. I worked them thoroughly to understand the underlying principles of making money online. Once my goals attained, I needed to look back and help others; those who are now struggling online to find the way to earn money with the internet.

So, I decided to setup this website to highlight my best online money making sites.
The websites highlighted here at Myonlinearningsite are recognized internationally with track records and recommended by many Top Earners.

I love sharing; sharing my online entrepreneurship experience to help others to avoid the basic mistakes I did; mistakes whosoever wants to make money online is luckily to commit.

First of all, Myonlinearningsite is my platform to teach people the basic principles of success in the internet business game.
Secondly, It is about showcasing the legitimate companies offering the best online money making programs.
Finally, with Myonlinearningsite, I want to tell everyone out there that it is possible to make real money online. With vigilance, sincerity, commitment, hard work and patience, people like Anik Singal, Rhonda Taylor, Robert Hollis, Alex Jay and many others are making six figure income online every year; sometimes monthly. You and I can do it too.

If today happens to be your first time to visit Myonlinearningsite, you are the most welcomed once again. Don’t stop here! Give me some few minutes of your valuable time and go through the other pages.

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One more word!
If you’re living in this information age, count yourself lucky. Use every day of your life to accomplish something profitable to your Creator and your fellow Human Being. Learn from internet; preserve it and appreciate its beauty and goodness.

This is your opportunity – these are your online money making sites.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Paul Manhwin
A Leader with a Loving Heart.

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